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If you have come to this page then you fancy having a go at some form of shooting. However you probably don't know which discipline to try. This might depend on what experience you have already, I personally would recommend that you try all of them and see which one is best for you.

Monday and Friday nights.

These nights we call pistol nights. However, since the ban on most forms of pistol shooting we have had to adapt and now we have a relaxed attitude to all shooting types. On these nights you will often see Members shooting air weapons, rimfire rifles (target and sporting) as well as black powder pistol side by side. We do not normally hold competitions and usually choose to shoot just for pure pleasure but if members wish to hold them these can easily be organised.

pistol captin

Tuesday nights.

This night is for target air weapons both rifle and pistol. On this night most shooting is orientated towards competition shooting both within the club and in league matches. This form of shooting usually requires the use of special rifles and pistols which the club can provide on the night.

22 target rifle22 targettarget pistol

Wednesday and Thursday night.

These nights are for .22 rim fire target rifle and is also orientated towards competition in both club and national leagues. This also requires special equipment that can be provided on the night.

target rifle 22


The initial cost for probationary membership is a £15 joining fee and a monthly fee of £13 (or one yearly payment of £156) for full membership.

Discounted rates are available for under 18's at £120 and OAP's which at the current time is £120 per year.

Then you can partake in any or all of the disciplines. The only other cost is the ammunition that you use. Air weapon ammunition is about £6 for a box of 500 and should last quite a long time.

Rim fire .22 target ammunition is around £3 for sporting ammo and up to £9.50 for high standard match ammo for a box of 50 rounds.

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